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Own design Soccer Curling Target

Train like a PRO

Standard design Soccer Curling Target

Train with a CURLING target


Choose your own design


Curling target custom design.

Looking for a sporty promotion to give your event an interactive character? Or to give the training sessions of your sports club a fun game element? Order a custom curling cloth at Sporttarget now!

- Own design possible!
- Material: Air-permeable fabric for optimal playing experience.
- Washability: Easy to clean for long-term use.
- Mounting options: Includes pegs for stability on grass. For artificial grass, heavy attributes on the edges are recommended.
- Interactive and sporty.

You can order a custom design curling target via the order form.

Standard design buy in our shop


Curling target Default.

Do you want to start immediately with our Curling target? Which can.

Buy the Standard Curling Target directly in our webshop.

If you don't need your own design, we have our Standard Curling Target especially for you. A black cloth with honeycomb design. The fabric is made of tarpaulin and we give a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you want to train like the PROs do and expand the training facilities, choose the Curling Target Standard. Our specially developed TARGET line from You can order directly in our webshop.

Train with a CURLING target


"How much feeling do you have?!" Score your points by shooting the ball right in the middle of the custom curling cloth! In the bull's eye, you score the highest number of points. So you will score the highest points with the right tuning and feeling! But don't forget that the other side has the same goal and can bounce your ball out of the same highest scoring area.

Difficult or easy 

If scoring is too difficult for your target group, create a barrier that can be used. Think of pillons, fencing, rebounders or other attributes. This gives the participants a greater chance of success!

Curling sports Curling football

Curling hockey and even curling tennis. In fact, every sport with a ball lends itself to providing its own design curling cloth.

Of high quality

Our Curling and sport hole cloths (or goal cloths) are water-repellent and made of an extra strong material, so that they can withstand a beating, hockey players, football players, tennis players or other sporty participants.

These curling cloths can even be supplied with your own design, so that they perfectly match your company, event or sports club!

Games for every occasion

Make every occasion more fun with a curling or sports hole cloth from SportsPromo. Take turns taking turns on a family day, scoring as high as possible on a sports day or playing fanatically against your colleagues during a company outing!
There is a game with a goal shot cloth for every occasion.

Train like a PRO




Choose a Soccer Curling Target from with your own design with sponsor or logo of the sports club.

With your own design you give the sponsor an extra opportunity for a fantastic expression at the club. Or leave a lasting impression with a Soccer Curling Target with your own club logo. 

Train like a PRO and order the custom Soccer Curling Target.

Eigen ontwerp


Soccer curling target custom.

Order your own Soccer Curling Target by requesting a quote.

Our canvases are available in
custom sizes with different hole sizes and a completely custom design! We are happy to help you make a Soccer Curling Target that perfectly matches your wishes.

The more information you can provide when requesting the quote, the better, because then we can prepare a quote that is as detailed as possible for you!

You can order a custom design soccer curling target at our order form.

Standard design


Soccer Curling Target standard.

Do you want to get started right away to train like a PRO? Then you can order the Soccer Curling Target standard in our webshop.

Our cloths are available in sizes according to your wishes.

Train like a PRO


Curling Targets Specifications

🎯 Sporttarget Curling Targets Specifications:

  • Material: Air-permeable fabric for optimal playing experience.
  • Washability: Easy to clean for long-lasting use.
  • Attachment Options: Includes stakes for stability on grass. For artificial turf, heavier items at the edges are recommended.
  • Edge Reinforcement: Equipped with edge reinforcement with attributes, increasing the chance for an enhanced scoring experience.
  • Dimensions: Standard dimensions for a professional playing experience.
  • Durability: Built to last, suitable for repeated use.
  • Versatility: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Improve your Curling game with confidence, with Sporttarget Curling Targets! 🥌✨

For More Inspiration, Visit our Portfolio

Discover endless possibilities for personalized targets! Visit our portfolio for inspiration and start creating your unique purpose today. Your purpose, your style - view our collection now!


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